We support the U.N. credo for the elderly.
To add LIFE to the years that have been ADDED TO LIFE

Fish Oil Diet
An essential health requirement for everyone.

Earth Wise Farm Farm and Garden prudent diets.

A search for last places, the E-book.

Best Friend Dog Theodore

Theodore modestly claims he's the prototype bestfrienddog, having spent eight years training an elderly slow-learner to be his bestfriendman. Theodore's key role in helping the man achieve an enviable late-years lifestyle based on travel, interesting projects, good nutrition, strenuous exercise, can be read by clicking on WILDEGEEST! The search for last places.

Cyber-Surfers with Loving Dogs? Scroll on! bestfrienddogs DESERVE special privileges. During his thirteen year odyssey, camping, and driving to places as far removed as Baja California, Mexico, and Canadian Northwest Territories, the man placed much reliance on two Golden Retrievers - first Dora, then Theodore. He met hundreds of dedicated, elderly travelers who were equally dependant on their dogs, regardless of breed or size. They frequently complained about unfriendly encounters in public places.


Seeing Eye Dogs should not be blindly accepted as the only canines that require special recognition.

This get-up-and-go generation of elders requires public support and understanding concerning the absolute importance of their traveling dogs.

There is much need for dog-friendly campgrounds, trails, safe exercise areas, motels, and eating establishments.

WILDEGEEST! A Search for Last Places presents lively, thought-provoking ideas about tender loving care and training of bestfrienddogs.