We support the U.N. credo for the elderly.
To add LIFE to the years that have been ADDED TO LIFE

Fish Oil Diet
An essential health requirement for everyone.

Earth Wise Farm Farm and Garden prudent diets.

A search for last places, the E-book.

Wildegeest Foundation Articles

Persons over fifty, now is the time for a mature decision. Relax and let self-gratification and aging take you downward, or pursue the mental, physical and dietary requirements that are likely to assure productive years, as a respected member of society.

Persons who have run into the hard place.
Loss of a partner, or other traumatic event, frequently leaves a person stranded like a beached whale, lonely, disoriented, and no longer a part of everyday society.

WILDEGEEST! is a battle cry which means "Never Give Up". We can provide lifelines back to safe haven and a new meaningful life.

Ageism rears its ugly head
For those past fifty, and for those isolated, lonely, and victimized by the hard place, both determined to remain a vital part of society, un- threatened by excommunication solely because of advancing age.
Cook Safely and with Pleasure
Learn to cook in safe, simple ways that allow innovative adjustments to satisfy individual preferences, and thus achieve good appetite for each and every meal.
Live Seed Diet
Current knowledge concerning the structure, chemical and physiological properties of fats and oils, and how fatty substances relate to human nutrition, has been learned since 1950.
Fish for facts in Sea and Turf
Butter and virgin (fresh pressed) olive oils are the only fats and oils in the supermarket that (if used with care and moderation) are safe and unlikely to be hazardous to your health.